Who is Emily Eisbruch?

Emily Eisbruch is the author of the Curious Kids' Activity Guide to Michigan.

Where was Emily born?

Emily was born in Michigan. When she was 8 years old, her family moved away. Happily, Emily moved back to Michigan with her husband and kids in the 1990s.

Where does she live now?

Today Emily lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan with her husband, two kids, and fluffy white dog named Milo.

Why did Emily decide to write this book?

Emily and her family enjoy traveling, and they like doing activities to pass time in the car. There weren't enough activity books presenting fun information about the places they traveled. So Emily decided to write one on Michigan.

Who helped Emily create this book?

Lots of wonderful people helped. Please go to the Credits page to read about those people.



camping photo 1963

Emily (right) camping in Michigan with her sister, 1963.


camping in 1997

Emily (2nd from left) camping with her husband, kids, sisters, nieces and nephew, 1997.


backyard photo

In Ann Arbor, 2005.